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And the urge to run my hands down her back and palm those luscious ass cheeks was undeniable. It appeared I would be enjoying a quiet, restful break with my family. I used my mother's Post Office box for correspondences from college, such things as tuition payments, room and board arrangements, etc.. Night had fallen by the time I made it back to my mother's house. Her only experience with romance was this sort of animalistic attack. She trembled and moaned like that through a couple minutes of an excruciating orgasm. She looked at me with half-opened eyes and a pleasure drunk smile. She watched me with a mixed look of nervousness and hunger as I undressed before her. Large, natural breasts capped with pink areolas and fat nipples.I didn't realize that address was in the student directory that my classmates could access. I recognized the name on the return address as the flute player I had been having sex with back at school. I hoped to sneak in to grab my wallet and car keys without having to see her. But then I could see she was about to strike again. She was trying her best, but no one had ever shown her how to make gentle, caring love. I sat down next to her, placing my arm around her shoulder. I picked her up in my arms and carried her up the stairs. When I was naked and my erection exposed, I saw a shadow of joy cross her face. I grabbed the shirt she wore by the collar and tore it apart like a child with a Christmas present. She had a soft, feminine belly, wide hips and a freshly shaved pussy, luscious pussy lips with a still arouse clit poking out from under its hood.Well, I lost 20 lbs marching around football field that fall. and failed spectacularly." It looked like she was going to cry again, so I pulled her in for a tight hug.It was tough, but we were among the best in the nation and we felt proud. Her face was hot and wet against my cheek from the crying and drama. "Speaking of that, we need to work on your seduction techniques. This is how to seduce someone." I pulled back her long hair, exposing her neck.

I was surprised there were no picture or mementos of her years as a concert pianist. As she broke down, my adrenalin rush started to subside. My mother, in her own rough and inexperienced way, was trying to seduce me. Then is a low, soft voice "I wanted you to desire me... I felt the humid heat of her sex well before I got there.She was only 17 when I, her son and only child, was born. My biological father didn't want anything to do with me. I would see her for a couple weeks here or a couple weeks there.