Newlywed game questions for dating couples jilat puki anak tiri 3gp

09-Oct-2017 04:12

“Which movie star would your husband say he’s most like – Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, or Brad Pitt? “What would your husband say is the thing he likes least about being married? “What would your husband say is the most memorable thing that happened while entertaining guests at your home or apartment? “What would your husband say is the strangest object he found in his workplace? “If your husband had the chance to ride a slow boat to China, who would he bring with him? “When would your husband say he first realized that he was in love with you? “What was the last thing you criticized your husband for? “Who would your husband say is the most intelligent person he knows? “What is the first thing your husband notices about a girl? “If your husband had to guess, how much would he say your outfit costs? “According to your husband, which of your mom’s habits is most annoying? “What is the one food item your husband hates to see you bring home from the grocery store? “Which of your relatives bugs your husband the most? “If you were moving tomorrow, which of your personal possessions would your husband want you to leave behind? “Would your husband be more upset about losing his job or his hair? “Which of these is your husband’s favorite: music, wine or women? “What color would your husband say looks best on you? “If your husband had the chance to be single again (temporarily), how long would he stay: one year, one month, one day or one minute?

Given the philosophical nature of the question and the improbability of ever being on a deserted island, it also creates interesting conversation.

“What room number did you stay in during your honeymoon? “What advice would your husband give his best friend if he were announcing his marriage tomorrow? “What is the one thing your husband really wanted to do before you were married? “What do you have at least one of every single day to keep the doctor away (besides an apple)?

“How much cash is your husband carrying with him right now? “Which of your husband’s possessions does he treasure the most?

“When was the last time your husband bought you flowers?

“What was the name and breed of your husband’s favorite childhood pet? “Who would you say is the better cook: you or your husband? “What is the most bizarre gift your husband ever gave you? “What piece of clothing does your husband wear that you can’t stand? “Which of your husband’s habits is most irritating? “What was the last thing you and your husband argued about? “Which of you takes the longest to get ready in the morning? “When your husband was a kid, what did he want to be when he grew up? “If your husband had the chance to be any famous person (alive or dead), who would he be? “If we looked inside of your husband’s wallet, would we find a picture of you in it?