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Anyway, this is the thread for anyone who wants to to post their attempts at keeping track of the teams and tasks of TAR.You'll notice I didn't put the season in the thread's title, because I figured it would be easier (and quicker) to store future seasons' timelines in the same thread (and, let's face it, TAR13 is almost a given with the writer's strike causing a boom in reality).Along the way, Nathan/Jennifer are the first couple this season to fight. Then, they had to purchase these four items in the market, and take them to a baiana at the Praça da Sé. Andar [Walk] Vestir: Teams must find the Filhos de Ghandy Cultural Center, then dress a provided mannequin in a traditional orisha costume, using only a photo for assistance. Quebrar: Teams must break clay pot lids until they find one with a small clue baked inside. Jonatas/Rafael, who win a holiday to Rio De Janeiro, and prove it IS possible to beat MFE without a Fast Forward. Coincidentally, Jonathan Baker from TAR6 was at Playboy Mansion when the race started Jennifer. That doesn't say much for your life at home, now, does it? ALL EIGHT TEAMS who perform this task complete it as a team, and receive 30-minute penalties as a result. Andar: Teams had to proceed on foot to the Largo de Santo Antônio and find a capoeira circle. This season, there are 11 teams, just like usual, but only 11 legs, so, basically, less time to ogle mactors in Speedos. There are still eight eliminations along the way, so it appears we've lost one Non-Elimination Leg, in addition to the one traditionally turned into a TBC. Teams on this flight are: Azaria/Hendekea, Nicholas/Donald, Rachel/TK, Ari/Staella, Kynt/Vyxsin, and Ronald/Christina.

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The clue is this season's first: "Who's ready to pedal for their partner? EI133 was scheduled on July 9 to depart DUB 1145 and arrive SNN 1230. In this Road Block, the chosen team member must assemble a rocket and transport it from its assembly site to a launch pad. Sem Emoção: Teams travel to the top of a steep sand dune by leading a camel. Coincidentally, Jonathan Baker from TAR6 was at Playboy Mansion when the race started. Teams return on their ferries, taking 45-55 minutes, and find cars and clues waiting at the terminal: 1) Lorena/Jason 2) Rachel/TK 3) Kynt/Vyxsin 4) Ari/Staella 5) Azaria/Hendekea 6) Nathan/Jennifer 7) Ronald/Christina 8) Nicholas/Donald 9) Kate/Pat 10) Marianna/Julia 11) Shana/Jennifer (Graphics people, do your damn job properly.) Teams are directed to drive 42 miles to Cleggan Farm. Ari/Staella, who are eliminated (One leg too late.) Next week: I graduate from not making jokes about Playboy Mansion to not making jokes about Amsterdam. Instead, you've chosen to completely disregard what we said.Teams arrive and sign up for return ferries as follows: am Ferry: 1) Lorena/Jason; 2) Rachel/TK; 3) Kynt/Vyxsin am Ferry: 4) Ari/Staella; 5) Nathan/Jennifer; 6) Azaria/Hendekea am Ferry: The slow teams, AKA 7) Shana/Jennifer; 8) Kate/Pat; 9) Marianna/Julia; 10) Nicholas/Donald; 11) Ronald/Christina. There, they must ride tandem bikes along a muddy trail to find their next clue. It's like they're actually TRYING to get me to bite. I'll be ignoring the Bowling Mom Rule throughout, but we'll see whether we end up with an even split anyway: Flo/Zach (aka Dead Weight Strategy): Zach does the Road Block (Zach 1, Flo 0) Tammy/Bill Gaghan (aka Ass-Kicking Couple Strategy): Kris does the Road Block (Kris 1, Jon 0) Nancy/Emily (aka All-Female Team Strategy): Emily does the Road Block (Nancy 0, Emily 1) The chosen team members finish the Road Block: 1) TK 2) Nathan 3) Vyxsin 4) Azaria 5) Staella 6) Jason 7) Nicholas 8) Ronald 9) Marianna 10) Kate 11) Jennifer. Teams finish: 1) Rachel/TK 2) Azaria/Hendekea 3) Kynt/Vyxsin 4) Lorena/Jason 5) Nicholas/Donald 6) Shana/Jennifer 7) Kate/Pat 8) Ronald/Christina 9) Marianna/Julia 10) Nathan/Jennifer 11) Ari/Staella, who have been blacklisted by PETA. My poor memory being what it is, I have already referred to this very complete summary twice this week and know that in a month or two or three I will need it even more.

After completing the Road Block (I pity the poor producer who got stuck returning the bikes to the start), teams are directed to choose a nearby donkey (Will. Teams are directed to drive thirteen miles, for the first time ever without performing a Detour, to the Pit Stop at Coonemara Heritage Centre. Azaria/Hendekea, who win a trip to Alberta, Canada, which, despite Phil's previous requirements for prize locations, is not "sunny", "tropical", "romantic", or "exotic". Being able to have one source that has we might need to know down the road--flights, order of arrival, who did the Roadblocks, what the Detours are--so well done here all in one thread is a real coup for the TARflies as a whole I think. Jonatas/Rafael, who are saved by a non-elimination. Because I use a variety of sources when compiling these (Wikipedia, RFF, TWo P, our own spoiler thread, and the always-unreliable-and-horrendously-written network summaries), I cannot credit individuals for their assistance, due to the fact that several people provide the same information, and this would be twice as long as it already is if I did that. Unlike in previous seasons, the cars are in one line, not parked next to each other. Teams wake up the Bunnies and eventually depart: 1) Nicholas/Donald 2) Azaria/Hendekea 3) Ari/Staella 4) Kynt/Vyxsin 5) Rachel/TK 6) Lorena/Jason 7) Marianna/Julia 8) Nathan/Jennifer 9) Kate/Pat 10) Ronald/Christina 11) Shana/Jennifer. Unlike previous seasons, including the aforementioned TAR4, teams go to Park and Fly instead of Park One.