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03-Nov-2017 21:35

But technology was supposed to make it so much easier. Let me just say this: I didn't see the iceberg coming.

Last fall, when my boyfriend accepted a job on the West Coast, I thought managing a newly long-distance relationship would be just that— manageable. Between Face Time and Kayak.com, you can practically be in two places at once.

Facebook said that the feature will be rolled out to other regions “over the coming months”.

Police running an operation aimed at combating inappropriate driving in Surrey have revealed they stopped one motorist who was using the video chat app Face Time while driving.

Learn more about using media to teach teamwork skills.

Keep an eye on things to make sure the chatting, texting, and Face Time are actually for school.

The unnamed driver was stopped as part of Surrey Police's Operation Tramline a three-month pilot project which ran between February and April. The incident was just one of a number of bizarre encounters police had during the operation.

In fact, lots of teachers assign projects for students to work on as a team using collaborative tools such as Google Docs, Collaborize Classroom, and Edmodo.

So instead of scheduling a phone call, I'd shoot a video (yeah, love makes us do adorkable things) and leave it as a hello in his in-box.

I'm also digging Hey Tell, an app that turns your i Phone into a walkie-talkie—like sending a text with your voice. As for the extended high-school-style phone calls, we limited those to a few times a week—you know, so we actually had something new to say—and saved Skype for the really lonely nights.

The two of them Skype, he told me, but not obsessively: "Your girlfriend can't be a cell phone or a computer." And there was a bright spot I was missing. Previously harried morning phone calls were replaced with quick video texts that I shot on my i Phone.

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"You get to see each other a couple of weeks later," he said, "and it's like you're seeing each other for the first time." Maybe so. These one-way communications—sort of like messages in a 0 bottle—are less interactive but more satisfying.

Insp Richard Mallett, of the Surrey Roads Policing Unit told the BBC that most of the people officers stopped were lorry drivers, but some car drivers were also caught 'driving appallingly'."The person Face Timing was actually a car driver, but because we were higher up, we could see down into the car," he said.