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30-Aug-2017 10:36

Here are some suggested ways from the book Attached that the avoidant/dismissive attachment style can work on developing closeness: So listen up hightailers!

Independence and autonomy in your relationship is important, BUT not at the cost of intimacy.

However, after the Attack on the Helicarrier, he was freed from Loki's mental control by Black Widow and joined the Avengers to fight against Loki's alien army in the Battle of New York, ending the Chitauri Invasion. Barton was the first to try but soon failed, laughing at ridiculousness of the challenge.

Barton was hand picked by Director Nick Fury for his leadership abilities, strategic prowess, combat skills, and his tendency to do what he believes is right even when that conflicts with his commanding officers' orders. As they sat around and drank, Barton voiced disbelief that Mjølnir could only be lifted by Thor; Thor then challenged all of the guests to lift his hammer.

I hear the word deactivate, I automatically think about disabling a bomb or shutting down a missile launch. Although we are not bombs that are going to explode, our attachment systems activate and if not controlled can cause some pretty extreme reactions and feelings.

There is a desire to be close and have a relationship, but yet there is always a mental distance and an escape route.

This can have a negative impact on intimacy and the over all relationship if the person is not aware of their need for independence.

Last week, we covered the attachment system and needs of the anxious preoccupied attachment style.

This week we are focusing on understanding the needs of the avoidant/dismissive attachment style. Understanding your attachment style is the first step.

Then moving into understanding your needs and how they relate to your partner, starts you well on your way to building a secure relationship.

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