College station dating

19-Jul-2017 21:05

INVOLVE THE CHURCH Third and finally, we must encourage college men to involve the church before and during the dating process.It has been my observation (and my own personal experience) that college men tend to approach the dating process as lone rangers.While some of my peers encouraged me through their counsel or their example, most other college men—even those who professed to follow Christ—approached dating like everyone else on campus.As a relatively new Christian, it was discouraging—and confusing.

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Sermons, books, and articles (like this one) can be helpful resources, but only (like you) can help college students repent of worldly values and embrace God’s values through conversation and prayer.Maybe he would gain more insight—and life skills—from working alongside you as you rebuild a section of your fence on the weekend.It’s been said that we tend to replicate what we observe.Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you” (italics mine).

Let me be clear: college men have the freedom to act on their own initiative and ask a woman out on a date.

But it does mean that college men shouldn’t allow their relationships to lead them to neglect gathering with the local church for worship and service (Hebrews ).

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