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There was an interval of 800 years between the Flood and the Hebrews’ Exodus from Israel; see the ‘Tavola cronologica’. These three works by no means exhaust Vico's modern sources.More such works are cited in the 1744 than in the 1730 edition, but most had been added by Vico in MS alterations to copies of the 1730 edition; these have been included in an appendix to the critical edition of the , §§ 1046–56; not in the 1730 edition.The materials for this enquiry were provided by new critical scholarship on the Bible and the peoples of the ancient Near East.Despite the hostility of the authorities in Rome to its findings, this scholarship was widely available in the Catholic world, notably so in contemporary Naples.From the mid-seventeenth century, the problem of human sociability, long a staple of natural jurisprudence, became even more central to political thought.Faced with Hobbes's insistence on man's natural unsociability, Protestant thinkers continued to treat the question from within natural law.Vico was involved in the acquisition of the books from Valletta's heirs, but the attribution to him of the catalogue is uncertain.

On which, Istvan Hont, ‘The language of sociability and commerce: Samuel Pufendorf and the theoretical foundations of the “four-stages” theory’ (originally published 1986), now in Hont, , ed. Valletta's collection was catalogued on its transfer to the Oratorian Convent of the Girolamini: ‘Antico Catalogo della Biblioteca dei Girolamini, attribuito a Giambattista Vico’, Biblioteca Oratoriana dei Girolamini, Naples, MS consulted on microfilm: 27.1.10.Modified versions of the lecture have since been given at the University of Sussex, and to the History of Political Thought Seminars at Oxford and the Institute of Historical Research, London.The author is grateful to audiences on all four occasions for helpful questions.Garofalo's case is mentioned at several points in Barbara Ann Naddeo's recent monograph, The recently discovered ‘prefazione’ to the ‘Triregno’, addressed ‘Alle Alte, Potenti e Sovrane Potestà della Terra’, dated 18 July 1735, makes this clear.

It is reprinted by Giuseppe Ricuperati as an appendix to his article ‘Dopo la , pp. (The argument of these pages seems to be continuous with that printed as the ‘Introduzione’.) There are two excellent studies of Giannone's approach to sacred history in the context of contemporary scholarship and speculation: Ricuperati, , pp. The story of Abraham's adoption of circumcision is in Genesis 17.

The ancient authorities cited by Giannone included Herodotus, Diodorus, and Strabo.

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