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The bell mandrel number had previously appeared in Bach’s script “Vincent Bach Corporation” that has been an enduring marking on Bach horns.

The company experienced stresses, but survived the depression and expanded again afterward.

These cards contain all of the information known about the instruments as they left the factory. provided the authors with access to them as well as other original Bach material.

Because of the importance of the shop cards in researching Bach's trumpets, a special section about them has been included at the end of this article.

The Bach line of brass instruments continues to be made in Elkhart, Indiana, using the same blueprints and the same techniques as the originals.

They are sold as a premium brand under the name “Bach Stradivarius” as well as the student line “Bach” horns.

During the Second World War, Bach coped with a shortage of workers and materials and, while not converted to produce war materials as many competitors were, the company cut back on production.

The authors think that approximately 85 instruments were made without model names on them.

The Vincent Bach Corporation is an American manufacturer of brass musical instruments that began early in the twentieth century and still exists as a subsidiary of Conn-Selmer, a division of Steinway Musical Instruments.

The company was founded in 1918 by Austrian-born trumpeter Vincent Schrotenbach (Vincent Bach).

The Vincent Bach Corporation began when Vincent purchased a 0 foot-operated lathe and began producing mouthpieces in the back of the Selmer music store in New York.

He established his shop across the street from the musicians' union.He ran an advertisement that read "How to become a wizard on cornet without practicing" and accumulated 0 in orders in a short time and began his career as a manufacturer.